Heart of Safety

Heart of Safety, Insights into the trends transforming the future of health and safety

As we continue to design and engineer a world for the future how do we keep humanity at the heart of all that we do?

  1. Introduction to the “New view” which offers an alternative to conventional safety
  2. Safety culture
  3. Insights into ISO 45001
  4. Insights into the South African health and safety landscape

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Safety management is an evolving discipline with its beginnings in the early 1900s. Technological development, advancement and preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution are turning many industries on its head. With these industrial changes at the forefront of business strategy, how do we as engineers, leaders, frontline managers or safety professionals evolve our approach to health and safety strategy for a sustainable future?

Mathew Gonçalves, co-founder of the Health and Safety Dialogue Company Ltd, offers insight into the conversations and global trends around health and safety. This  body of knowledge aims to answer the question of how to keep our people safe.

Seminar, webinar or interactive workshop available